laser for vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation using laser has been proven to be an effective treatment for women with functional and aesthetic vaginal concerns which can greatly lift their confidence and improve the quality of life. Vaginal issues and urinary incontinence can occur in pre-menopause and sometimes after childbirth.

When do we need to consider laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation?

  • Bladder Leakage – It occurs due to stress urinary incontinence.
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence(SUI) – It is the accidental loss of urine during sudden forceful movements such as coughing, laughing, sneezing, running or heavy lifting which causes pressure on your bladder, causing you to leak urine.
  • Urgency Incontinence – It is the sudden urge to urinate and you may not be able to delay it as the bladder contracts causing urine to leak.
  • Vaginal Dryness – It can cause soreness, itching or burning of the vagina.
  • Vaginal Laxity – It is the feeling of vaginal looseness which can be associated with aging, menopause or even vaginal childbirth.
  • Painful Intercourse – Pain during intercourse can occur due to insufficient vaginal lubrication.

Do not let the hormonal changes affect your self-confidence!

  • The vagina is the organ with the highest density of estrogen receptors per surface of the human body.
  • Estrogens are the hormones produced by the ovaries responsible, for maintaining hydration of the genital mucosa.
  • That is why, when the menopause arrives and the estrogen levels drop abruptly there are changes that can reduce your quality of life: dryness, vaginal itching, discomfort, pain and bleeding with intercourse.

What are genital rejuvenations and have you heard of the vaginal laser?

Until recently it was very uncommon for a woman in menopause to consult with the gynecologist regarding her aesthetic and genital function concerning sexual life. The laser in Gynecology only treated pathologies of the genital apparatus and treatment of HPV or Labioplastias.

But currently, the demands and expectations of women are changing. The laser treats vulvar and vaginal function as well as aesthetic rejuvenation. The most common demands of patients are to correct or find a solution to problems such as loss of elasticity and vaginal dryness or mild urinary incontinence

How does this laser treatment help in improving our confidence?

Currently, there is a new laser solution for the well-being of the female intimate area: the laser system with Ndy AG/Co2 technology. This intimate laser is an effective, safe and non–surgical treatment for the effects caused by pregnancy, childbirth, age or menopause in the women’s body, greatly increasing the quality of life.

The Ndy AG/Co2 laser produces a thermal effect that stimulates the production of collagen in the cells and tissues of the vagina. This new collagen in the cells and tissues of the vagina. This new collagen integrally recovers the vaginal function.

  • Reduces the diameter of the vagina.
  • Reconstitutes the vaginal pH.
  • Recovers the tone and lubrication of the vagina.
  • Returns the strength and control in the vagina.
  • Tightens the urethra to prevent leakage of urine.
  • Besides, laser helps to redesign and rejuvenate the appearance of the external genitalia.

Genital rejuvenations help in improving the quality of life without giving up your usual activities and your life as a couple as well.

What is the recovery/down time after the treatment?

The patient can start their normal routines soon, most probably in 1-3 days. But intercourse needs to be avoided in the first 4 days after treatment. For most women, only 3 sessions will be required which will be separated by approximately 4 weeks.

One need not have to go for surgeries to regain your family life back. This laser treatment offers the advantage of precision, resulting in less bleeding and less edema of the repaired tissues, with a rapid recovery.

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